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Northampton Libertarian Party

1364 Fox Ridge

Easton, PA 18040

Phone: 484-893-0689

Email: NorthamptonLP@gmail.com

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We established the Northampton Libertarian Party because we wanted to bring together liberty minded people of all ages to spread the message of Libertarianism in Northampton County.


We are always pleased to welcome new members to Northampton County Libertarian Party. Please stop by - we would love to meet you!

Our Party


Jake Towne



Phone: 484-893-0689

Email: Chair@NorthamptonLP.org

First Vice Chair

Jane Horvath

First Vice Chair


Email: FirstVC@NorthamptonLP.org

Second Vice Chair

Ed Reagan

Second Vice Chair


Email: SecondVC@NorthamptonLP.org


Paul Rizzo



Email: Secretary@NorthamptonLP.org





Email: Treasurer@NorthamptonLP.org

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